An Ant Habitat — Creatures that Work Together

My son has the coolest new toy.  I think I might even like it better than he does.  It’s an ant habitat. Did you know that ants can lift up to 20x their body weight! They have two stomachs and three eyes! They also have uncanny communication skills and amazing abilities to work together to achieve […]

Red, red wine…. and the Dark Thoughts

I love red wine. I love it’s rich amazing color and seeing it in the light shining into a big heavy round goblet. I love the sound of the cork. Then smell of the wet damp cork almost like visiting the moment in the vineyard where in some damp cave a bottle was sealed to […]


You are going to love me after this post tonight.  Yes my friends, I am going to turn you onto to something amazing.  The Govino wine glass.  It is made of plastic!!! But feels just like glass.  It is thin. Lightweight.  And has a cool little groove for your fingers to hold.  It is chic and […]