By now many of you who have been kind enough to read my blog know about the other man in my life right now — Tyrone.  I find it funny that I wanted to run, run, run away from Tyrone when I first met him.  I still do.  But I think it’s because Tyrone demands […]

Apache Blessing…

from leiko and karla a nice share: May the sun bring you new energy everyday, May the moon softly restore you at night, May the rain wash away your worries, May the breeze blow new strength into your being, May you walk through the world & know its beauty all the days of your life. […]

A Poem on Homeless Children in the U.S. by Jose Guilarte

Two of a Kind Arise and Realize Poem by Jose Guilarte You are perceived as pure as nature’s stream, Abundant riches at a scale beyond my dreams, Stereotypes have been your demise, Illumination has arrived: the time has come to open your eyes, The light has been shed upon the shrouded veil, Soon to awaken […]