By now many of you who have been kind enough to read my blog know about the other man in my life right now — Tyrone.  I find it funny that I wanted to run, run, run away from Tyrone when I first met him.  I still do.  But I think it’s because Tyrone demands the best out of you and sometimes I am just plain lazy and want to hide.  He doesn’t really let you hide.  Ot let me hide, that is.  When I took my husband to train with him — all he did to him was make him stretch for a whole hour while I was off huffing and puffing away.  I guess he thinks I require torture.  Maybe it is a self esteem thing but — I think I kind of do too.  

I have learned a lot about Tyrone lately.  And I have learned a lot from Tyrone.  Every time I see him he defies a category.  He is unusual, smart, and actually funny.  I thought at first he was humorless.  He doesn’t think my wimpiness is funny but he is witty in his own right.  he has so many amazing life stories to tell it is humbling.  Good thing I didn’t break up with Tyrone.  I have many new stories to tell about my tinme with him but the other day he surprised me telling me about this little girl who is his best friend’s daughter.  She is adorable — and very very sick.  It made me very sad.  She is the same age as my daughter.  Tyrone said she is full of smiles and is positive as can be.  I sure felt wimpy complaining about ANYTHING after hearing about this little angel. He is running a race tomorrow in her honor and to raise money for her extensive medical bills.  Here is what the website says she wrote about herself:

“My name is Avery Sax & I’m 10 years old.


On March 12th, while celebrating my best friend’s birthday, I started feeling sick. I had the worst headache of my life & was throwing up everywhere. I flew in a helicopter to Children’s Hospital and, after being in the ICU & months of procedures, I’m undergoing brain radiation now at UCLA for an inoperable, really BIG arteriovenous malformation (AVM).

I am lucky that I recovered from my brain hemorrhage but have a long way to go. The doctors don’t know how things will turn out. I guess it doesn’t look too good, but I believe I am going to be great & refuse to live in a bubble.
I just want to live LIFE so please help me & my family to keep calm, carry on and fight with brAVERY.

Thank you! Love, Avery (The Miracle Kid)”

here is the link:




I asked Tyrone for this information hoping that if I can post it, she might get some help….and also some prayers….


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