Stop. The. Hate.


My personal message to stop the hate.

The world is shifting backwards
We are in a dark place
All of you who like to post and post and promote hate should consider that your negativity is directly responsible for fueling the criminality. The shootings. The perpetual destruction of our world.
This includes lawyers who promote this hate towards law enforcement rather then gratitude for our amazing justice system (which of course has faults like anything else)
Rather then deep appreciation for the freedoms of our country and all of its justice. Justice includes holding those officers who if criminals to the same standards as other criminals … Not more. Not less. But not all officers are bad. Not all anything is bad. No race is better or worse. No hate will create unity or love.

But not promoting this crazy notion that all law enforcement should be shot by continuing to promote your hateful posts.
By the way you would ask that your clients not be slayed in the press. That they are innocent until proven guilty. But I guess if they are in a uniform all bets are off !!??? Why do you post such negativity to all law enforcement ???

Why would anyone want to be a cop ? And be very careful of the world you are creating where anyone with any sense who has children at home will run for the hills rather then protect and serve. Scary streets we will have. For you and your children.

Think deeply what our world is when such a place exists with no trust in our system. No trust in our law enforcement. Anarchy in authority. Lack of respect for authority. And that’s where we are. Blatant lack of respect.

Wow. Sounds like a great vulnerable spot and time for terrorism and war to arrive on our soil.

You writers. You journalists. Think what you write. What you imagine. What you create. Who you chose to cover for a story. For a dime. For a thrill. Why. Are you creating a world with very dark killers. Where apathy reigns towards killing. And destruction. And hate. Are you promoting it by fictionalizing it? Are you creating a likable character capable of extraordinarily dark, fucked up things? Are you making it possible for that evil person to sit in our living room every night and be commonplace and be who our children grow up with? Someone they are desensitized to? Are you creating video games that make shooting so easy? The touch of a button and nobody really dies so we just move onto our next commercial break or our next snack or whatever. Are you covering a story and promoting it that allows a person to have his 10 seconds of fame and a world that thinks Kim Kardashian should be famous and rich? That a killer can have equal cover time on tv? Are you giving some person who is very disturbed and sick his 10 minutes of fame? What are you posting???

Peace is an ideal. But when you are dealing with suicicde bombers who value their own death as their ticket to heaven you are dealing with a whole other culture — most Americans can’t fathom or understand and it’s obviously coming our way. We need to wake the f up. Now.

This is perfect time for evil and war and for an attack on our country since we are not united at all in the very foundation ideals freedoms and peace we supposedly stand for.

I can only say that I feel we are in a very dark place. Unfortunately not enough attention is paid to the psychology of criminal behavior. I don’t think releasing people from Jails is the answer by the way. I think that’s a silly and simplistic approach to a much larger problem. It’s only exacerbating things. A percentage of people in jails are in jails because they are mentally ill. Some huge investment has to be made into mental illness. Addiction is a problem because people are avoiding the pain they are feeling in life. That is also a psychological problem that needs to be addressed.

My take is….Can’t change people but you can change yourself.

Stop your own hate. Bring love into your heart. Be grateful you live in this country. Stop with the sob stories about the hardships you suffered and show up to our whole community. Whole community. Not your people and my people. Our people. All of us. That’s the diversity of our great melting pot. This place that gave my persecuted parents a home after the holocaust. So many people and races here have suffered huge losses and prejudices and persecutions. What we focus on perpetuates it. The only way to stop a cycle is…. To stop it. Stop racism by being open to the reality that all lives matter. And that all people are entitled to the same defenses and justice as all others. It’s not a you versus us all the time.
Even in our profession it here is no justice without both sides protecting the rights of all parties. That’s the balance. Never one sided. Without each other we don’t have the great workings of the constitution. And that is something very important to embrace and promote. And value. And be grateful for. Not trash. Not utter negativity to your clients. To your friends. To be counter culture and cool. Cuz guess what. It’s not cool. It’s negative and trashing our whole country. And you are directly responsible for it if you continue this cycle.

I truthfully think that what you carry in your heart is the battle you are fighting. And you are using social media or your job to promote your bigger agenda. Because …Often you’re not fighting the battle of your case, the story you were writing, the story you are covering, what you are posting. It’s more about the hate you carry in your heart and a battle you are fighting on your own. If you get to the kernel of healing your own heart, and the anger or hate there in … you might approach your battle with a far greater amount of compassion and the become more effective in results.

Promoting hate only creates more hate. So think carefully about what you are promoting because I truthfully believe it’s setting the stage for greater problem. And we are all responsible for every energy we put out in the universe every secondand every day.

If you want to disagree with me I invite you to defriend me and get off my blog, my Facebook page. I don’t want to read it or hear it or think about your negative rants anymore.

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