Things that Bug Karenoia — a Running List….

1. People who have no spatial relationships — like standing too close to you in the check out line at the market — or anywhere

2.  The words “oh she is my best friend” when used repetitively about everyone

3. Unsolicited advice given by stupid ass dumb ass people who 1. were not asked; 2. think they are “helping” but are actually too dumb to know they are dumb and 3. the advice is even dumber

4. Texting about important subject matter and thinking that is a relationship

5. People who are really unaware of their own children’s behavior in public places

6. Having my seat kicked in an airplane

7. See number 1 above — people who stand in front of an exit door chatting clueless to fact that anyone is trying to get around them

8. Gaining weight

9. People who pose pictures of themselves in bathing suits on facebook but act as though they don’t like their bodies.

10. False modesty in general.

11. “Customer service” that not only does not service the customer but is a recording.  Press one if you want a person.  NOT.

12.  Baby talk. Anytime.  Anywhere.

13.  Dropping hints about how much money you have…or what “it” costs…

14. Customer service in other countries that knows less about the computer or phone than you do

15. Vanity Plates

16. Sales people who follow you around the store

17. Being interviewed by people one third my age

18. Being my age

19. spiritual people who are “holier than thou”

20. spiritual people who are simply not nice

21. people who are not nice





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