In the running list of things that bug me (yes, I have that category listed and I have a specific draft I wrote but I have never posted it, fearful to offend someone) I have a big, huge pet peeve about people who text and email about important things. And an even bigger peeve for people who post love message to each other on Facebook.  That always strikes me as so bizarre. Your love is private, no? And by the way, I  am happy for you but this just smacks of the fact that showing your love publicly is more important than loving.  Why can’t you cross the room and say I love you, or show it — but you post it to someone you live with? Who are you impressing?

Do I sound negative?  Sorry.  I just wonder sometimes about the Facebook world and it’s value.  I am sure I am not alone.  I wonder also about blogging. I have posted some pretty personal things and in some ways I think perhaps they are too private but now they are OUT THERE.  Is this what I want? But anything I really want to write about — and believe me, I have been holding out and holding back on my readers…anything really good is the most personal of all.

Please press play on this slow jam to proceed to the next part:

Now that there is this big disclaimer — it will be surprising if you got this far down at all so I’ve lost most of you.  I made that big disclaimer so I could go on and now say…oh, oh, i am going to do it: I am going to say…PUBLICLY…I love my husband.  When we first dated, he had sheepskin seats and a big super bass stereo in his black car with tinted black windows (illegal tint).  When he would pull up to pick me up, the whole apartment building would shake from the super bass in the car. And the music was all slow jam.  I have put a few of my absolute favorite tunes here for you to play while reading this so you can get the vibe I am conjuring up.  I am talking “fucky-fucky” music.  I thought he was hot for me.  Guess what — he never made the moves.  I was confused.  The music was so suggestive and yet he was such a gentleman.  And by the way, did I say WHITE?  But this music is not a white boy’s soundtrack.  At least none of the whities I dated.

I interrupt this post to give you the lyrics to the above song lest you not believe me about the absolute “I’m going to rip your clothes off” effect of this particular song and album. The lyrics of one Joe song:

“Yeah Ooh…hoo…ooh…Well, well, well, well, well, baby…Hoo…hoo…baby Mmm…hmm…mmm…mmm…Listen, baby [Take one] Baby lyin’ on the bed. Exotic fantasies goin’ through her head. [Take two] I jump into my SL6. I gotta make my way to the crib mad quick. [Take three] I see my baby as I step inside. She’s staring at me with those bedroom eyes. [Take four] Honey sippin’ on some Chardonnay
The sex is even better when she’s feeling that way
All I want to do right now is love her down (Ooh). I don’t give a damn about who hears the sound (Ooh…). We’ll be in the groove until the sun comes up (Yeah). Together we’ll get lost inside the love. Let’s make a love scene, steamy and blue. Erotic memories for an audience of two. And we’ll make a love scene, let the foreplay begin. And replay each moment again and again and again. [Take five] The Jacuzzi’s just about ready for us. We step into the water and you tremble at my touch. [Take six] I see you gettin’ steamin’ hot. Girl, it ain’t just the bubbles that’s been hittin’ the spot. Take it off, take it off, take it off till you get enough. (Whoa…whoa…whoa…whoa…)…Anyway that you like, it’s okay, come and get my love…(Whoa…oh…ho…ho…yea…)..All I want to do right now is love her down (Love her down)…I don’t give a damn about who hears the sound (Hears a sound)…We’ll be in the groove until the sun comes up (Ooh…ooh…)…Together we’ll get lost inside the love (Oh, yeah)…Let’s make a love scene (Make a love scene), steamy and blue (Ooh)
Erotic memories for an audience of two…And we’ll make a love scene (We’ll make a love scene), let the foreplay begin (Oh…ho…)…And replay each moment (Mmm) again and again and again…Ooh, I’m gonna keep lovin’, I’m gonna keep lovin’ you, baby
[When the curtain drops] Oh We won’t stop (We won’t stop), we won’t stop (Whoa…oh…baby)…Let’s make a love scene (Let’s make a love scene), steamy and blue
(See, I got what you want)…Erotic memories (You got what I need) for an audience of two (Of two)   And we’ll make a love scene (We’ll make a love scene), let the foreplay begin
(Ooh, baby)…And replay (Yeah) each moment (Oh, oh…) again and again and again… Girl, I’m down to take a sip from your cup (No, no, no, no, no, no, no)…If you drink from my fountain of love (Oh, ho)…Girl I’m down to take a sip from your cup (From your cup)…If you drink from my fountain of love (Ooh…ooh…oh…ho…)…was a very good year (Do you remember, girl)…If you know what I mean, my dear (Ooh, baby) was a very good year (I could remember)   If you know what I mean, my dear (Let’s do it over and over again) Let’s make a love scene (Let’s make a love scene) Steamy and blue (Let’s do it on the floor)… Erotic memories for an audience of two (Anyway you like it, girl, alright) . And we’ll make a love scene (Alright)”

So, I want to tell you all about my husband.  He loves the Sooners — but that is the very superficial stuff.  He eats like a child — caesar salad, pizza, mac and cheese and pasta with red sauce (hard on a chemist like myself). He is unbelievably quiet and would prefer a Sooners game to any date night with me. But the list of good is amazing:  On the first dates I noticed right away, he was nice to the waiters and said thanks and please to them even when they refilled his water-glass and he was in mid conversation.  That he is adorable with children and old people.  That he is not an egomaniac and never talks about himself (unlike his wife who has descended into the bowels of hell of asking people to “like” her on Facebook and writes some blog about — herself!!!)

He doesn’t say stupid things.  He is quiet reserved and listens to people.  He is charming and has a nice accent…slightly southern.  He used to call me “baby” which was very sexy (gotta bring that back!! “I’m bringing sexy back”)  He is the most loyal, hard-working, steady, true person I know and answers to no one but his own inner voice. He came with me to meet the Swami.  He isn’t afraid of making tough decisions and standing by them and their consequences.  He has a strong moral compass.  He doesn’t ask much of others and accepts them for who they are.  He doesn’t try to change me or situations or people.  He is passionate about sports and winning and his children.  He doesn’t engage in gossip or drama.  He was there for me through some serious post partum depression and some heath scares as an unwavering friend.  He wasn’t afraid (at least publicly) to marry a woman much older than him.  He isn’t afraid to stand up and be a man and provide for his family.  He is about the best person I know and I remain amazed that I was lucky enough to have him chose to marry me.  There it is — I publicly said how much I love my husband.  OOPS!!!!

When we first met, his mother did many touching things before knowing me including sending me a framed photo of him playing baseball as a child on Valentine’s day.  It was such a sweet gesture for a mother to send that to me.  She also sent me this Barbara Streisand album called  “A Love Like Ours”.  Here is the cover for it:

I am not a big Streisand fan so I pop-poo-ed it when it arrived.  How can anyone capture my love.  But, trust me, this album is the most romantic group of music ever and expresses exactly the way I felt…namely, hugely grateful to meet such a person.  I tried to find songs to play for you hear but could only find the one on youtube.  So go to itunes and find it — and have a great romantic night after.  My fav songs on it include “If I Never Met You” and “Isn’t it a Pity We Never Met Before”.  It remains impossible for me to listen to this album without crying, to because it is all about finding her true love.  This music touches my heart because it was and is how I feel about my luck to find him …and how I was looking for him my whole life.

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