Some one wise once told me that the only thing we know for sure about life is that change is inevitable – and the very thing that brings us all PAIN – is that very thing …CHANGE.

Tonight as I was putting my son to bed I was actual aware of a change in our relationship.  He used to be cuddly and needed me. He used to be much more available to me.  The same is true for my daughter who is growing into a feisty child who thinks I don’t know a thing.   Maybe I don’t.


But this change in them is healthy. After all, what I wish for them is independence from me.  That is healthy.  And yet, that change is sad and painful to me – it means I will never have that same moment with them of cuddling in quite the same way.  Change is hard to accept in any regard if you think about it.  Aging.  Illness.  Job loss.  Moving.  Divorces.  Friendship shifts.  I know change is good and I know change is inevitable and I know the status quo is boring – so why do I resist changes so deeply?
I guess if something changes – I too have to grow.  Growing is hard.  But what is the alternative?  If we aren’t growing – we are dying.
So – please feel free to comment – I am setting forth my intention today to grow.
And one very special teacher once said that a good mantra to use is “I wish to grow”



Believe it or not – I got my son to sing this in the car when he was younger…

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