A True Letter From A Mail Order Bride — to Me? “Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained”

Please see the below letter I found in my bulk mail.  Please feel free to send all your bulk mail back to this “spontaneous young lady”.  I wonder if she knows I am female.


I just saw your profile on GovernmentJobs and I couldn’t resist sending you a message.

Firstly i was looking for supplier for our Toys shop but saw your profile and it seemed to me that you have  very amazing and charming look that i don’t see very often. So i have decided  to write you personally. and it is not not concerning my job.

I am a spontaneous young lady of 31 years, from Voskresensk. I am quite happy with my life as such, but I am always interested to meet new people. Especially people like you.

It may seem strange that I talk to you, but there is something about you that has
really intrigued me. I would like to get to know you. And Who knows what will come of it?

Nothing ventured nothing gained, right?

I hope I am not being too forward, and would be really pleased to hear from you,
, please write me to aleksandra.voronchi@yahoo.com

Best regards,”

I wish I authored this its so funny and strange. But i didn’t.

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