A Letter to Shawn Colvin


Dear Shawn –It seems weird to write you a letter. I have never written any celebrity before. Oye what blogging is doing to me. But here I am writing you. I feel like I practically know you. After all, you have been in my apartment, and my homes, in my life for so many years and in so many tough moments. You’ve kind of been the soundtrack to my life … How about that? But this writing you thing…that is part of what our culture is all about.  Our culture makes us think we know celebrities — even the bloggers we read — who pour art or thoughts our way. When indeed we don’t know them at all. But I digress.

Okay, this letter might seem a bit creepy. In fact I am kind of creeped out writing it — I am the blogger who has denied profusely being a stalker (lest you get scared, please see previous blog posts under humor about stalking)

Anyway Shawn — I am writing to tell you how much your music has meant to me over the years. I still get chills hearing your voice and every song you sing has memories attached to them. I saw you in McCabe’s guitar shop with something like 35 people and I’ve seen you in the Coach House with a couple hundred. I love you and your guitar pared down. I love that you cover Crowded House songs but…your early music remains my favorite. Probably when you were the most tortured soul. I remember you wearing those cool cowboy boot shoes (God I loved those, they need to come back in fashion) with thick socks and jeans and your always buff arms. Just you and the guitar and your funny jokes and your angelic voice.

I remember driving thru L.A. one night in a friends beat up old VW Jetta blasting “Steady On” at the top of our lungs and singing every one of your gorgeous lyrics. “I am nobody’s wife, I give nobody life and I seem to be nobody’s daughter”. Oh how times have changed for us all.  So here is a post just for you Shawn under the category of things I love.

Maybe someday I will be lucky enough to stick one of your songs in a movie I write!!!

And then we can look back at this silly blog post and laugh.

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