I Got the Moves Like Jagger

I grew up when Jagger was on the Ed Sullivan show.  Some people thought he was ugly.  I thought he was hot.  I still do in a way.  I cannot help it as the Stones were such a part of my upbringing.  My college boyfriend — he looked like Mick Jagger.  And guess what — he had the moves like Jagger too.  Some people think he is ugly — but check him out when he was young.
Here is a video of when Mick was still cute…and Wild Horses baby — what a song of passion:

Now — what the heck does “Moves Like Jagger” even mean?  For most people listening to the radio now days, and especially my kids who LOVE that new Maroon Five song — they have no idea what that lyric means.  For those of you who have no idea what I m talking about listen to this Youtube song by Maroon Five called “Moves like Jagger”

Now listen to this cool cover of the same song:

Mick Jagger was a crazyass dancer.  Like a skinny wild chicken.  Strutting everywhere. Sticking out his lips and his tongue.  A wild child. He was not the white man’s overbite…those are first of all not the lips of most white men.  He was a loose goose.

It amuses me to hear my seven and eleven year olds sing along “the moves like Jagger” and have no idea of the cultural refernce and icon they are even singing about.  So for those of you who want to show their kids what Mick was all about — here is a montage of him dancing from Youtube:

and here is a very funny imperosnatpor of Mick (this guy is really out there…):

and a funny comedian:

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