Thought on getting pulled over by the PO-lice…

I got pulled over today.  I wouldn’t have noticed it…except my daughter said “mom, there’s a cop chasing you.”.  Sure enough there he was, sirens and all.  He acted as though I was a fleeing felon.  I was actually just on a rush, on my way to a soccer game for my daughter with kids in the car.  My husband had called me to make sure I was okay since it was super foggy and I was lost.  But, he was a chippy. For those of you not in California that’s California Highway Patrol. Their reputation is that they ticket their own mama.  And he was quite serious with this mama.  Why is it that Angelina can use her kids as props but I can’t.

But what is it about getting pulled over by a cop that makes me want to confess crimes I have not committed.  I get nervous and can hardly speak. Other than want to confess.  I feel guilty — is this my heritage or human nature working? What if I really were bad? (Watch the movie “A Simple PLan” in this regard)
And by the way…when one wants to fib a bit…it’s a lot more complicated when there are kids in the car.  So when he asked if I was on the phone, I wanted to say “you tell me” but I knew I had to say “yes sir” to set an example for my daughter.  Not that I would lie normally but it did cross my mind that I had to set the right example.  Shouldn’t he consider that shit before writing me a ticket? I’m doing the right thing here with kids in the car “teach your children and all that….”

Cops are a whole subject aren’t they   …. I am sure many people have ideas there.  One day, I  got pulled over for making a left turn in front of traffic.  Yes it was a bad move on my part. I cut off a cop. Dumb. But seriously he went nuts on me. He yelled at me again and again. After a few moments I realized I was dealing with a person who needed the anger management class the court offers.  Maybe much more. I apologized again and again. I was sincere and polite and respectful.  I said sir. and then it dawned on me.  He is very twisted with his  badge and all.  He is very damaged and not dealing with it.  He is angry. And I represent something much bigger he is angry with. (hint: has ovaries)
It is dangerous to have anyone judge anyone else.  It takes a very special person to be able to maintain control of ego when given power.  Politicians, actors, rich people, cops, judges ….gurus….religious leaders….anyone embued with power gets slightly drunk with the potential of it.
So….I got pulled over today. I had to eat a bit of crow. I’m only human.
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