Dry Bar Review — A different kind of Blowjob

THE DRY BAR REVIEW AND HOW I CLEAN UP: The other day I was headed to a business lunch and wanted to look my best.  But, I wanted to work on my blog. Not my hair.  I decided to run over to “The Dry Bar” to check it out.  I don’t know if you have one in your neighborhood but I thought I’d give you a quick review with some photos.  You can also go to their website – thedrybar.com. Are you wondering what it is?  It’s a place where you can get any blow dry, any style you like – and that’s they do.  No cuts, no colors, no Brazilians….just a blowjob….er, blowout.  $35 Dollarinis.

First let me say – it is super cute inside.  Yellow and gray theme going on.  Loved the bathrooms.  Loved the lightfixture that is a bunch of yellow blowdriers.  Loved that each station had an outlet to charge you iphone.  They also had some fun snacks for sale.


I was offered wine, mimosa, coffee, tea or water.  I elected water (I know, no fun) in that I was headed for a business meeting.  Not only did I get to choose water – I could chose whether it was infused with lemon or strawberries.  Love infused water.  But the water came in this cool asymmetrical glass.  It sits on the surface without falling off but not flat.  It could nicely swirl my scotch ice.  Gotta get me some of those glasses.


The music was way too loud for me (think Abercrombie) – that is not my age group I guess.  (Dating myself again).

The blowjob was only okay – but beggars cannot be choosers. A little flat to my head and not really all that exciting for the money.  But, at least I had full wifi, a nice beverage and could blog from my chair while someone else did the heavy lifting.

One funny aside: When I got there I asked the guy at the desk if I could use the powder room in order to freshen up (put on my face as we said in my day). I went to the lovely ladies room and put on my makeup.  When I re-emerged he looked at me sitting on the sofa area waiting for my stylist and asked me if he cold help me.  Obviously, he didn’t recognize me with my face on!!! Guess I  clean up pretty good.  Oye!!!!

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