More Chemistry — Brussel Sprouts and Pancetta

 What exactly is  Brussel Sprout?  It looks like a shrunken genetically altered mini head of lettuce but has this flavor akin to cabbages or even broccoli?  Not something I have ever been drawn to.  I watched a friend order and gobble them down recently in a restaraunt and they looked pretty yummy so I ventured out of my safety zone and yesirree…they were roasted and well prepared and good.  I tried to make them last night chez Karenoia and — much to my surprise, they were awesome.  Here is the super quick recipe.

Most of this was bought at Trader Joe’s:

Brussel Sprouts – they sell them already washed and sliced in half, prepped for the micorwave (gotta love TJ’s)

Pancetta Bacon — they sell this in package of small, already cubed pancetta

Garlic — they sell it pre-peeled.

(can you tell I love Trader Joes and the ease of this???
Saute the pancetta in a pan….until it is cooked and crispy.  It will emit its own oils.  Saute crushed garlic to your liking in the same oils.  Add olive oil if needed.  Microwave the sprouts to get them softened (about 2.5 – 3 minutes)

Then toss sprouts around in pan with pancetta and garlic.  Sprinkle with salt (I used cracked fresh salt) .  Put in roasting pan and put in hot oven at 475 to brown them nicely.

You can add fresh Parmesan if you like.


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