A hole is a hole is a hole?

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Here is an interesting article from Psychology today about how often the average man thinks about sex and some misnomer and faulty statistics about this subject.


I personally think men are simply programmed quite differently from women and our brains function differently and hallelujah. you see, I have no interest in being with the girly man. I even have seen these differences with my two children since they were born:

When my son was only about 3-4, he used to love to climb in the bath with me. One day, after our bath, he sat wrapped in his towel next to me on the bed cooling down after the hot bath. Soon, I noticed he was playing with his… er…you know, personal zone. I very casually suggested for him to stop. He asked me “why?” I responded, “Well, I know that feels good, but, it’s something we just do in private. So if you want to keep touching yourself there, it’s fine, but you might go to your room to do it.” He looked at me quizzically and ignored me entirely. Shortly thereafter, my husband came into the room having not heard any of the conversation. Our family was in the midst of moving and he was tired from packing boxes. He plopped himself down on the bed facedown, in one big whoosh and closed his eyes. His head was turned to one side. My son looked over at him and got up and crawled towards his father. He then straddled his father’s head with his legs and inserted his pee pee into my husband’s ear. My husband opened one eye and looked at me. I said “yes. That is indeed a pee pee in your ear.” We found this very very funny but tried not to giggle so as to encourage my son. I guess the funniest part of it to me was the visceral nature of men — here is a little boy evincing this nature: There is a hole. Let me insert.

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