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   Good morning blog buddies. I have a confession:  I am the tooth fairy (in addition to being your new blog friend).  Pretty cool, eh?  Here I am on my own son’s head while he sleeps.  And I figured out how to take my own photo.

  Last week my 7 year old son lost a tooth.  Or as he spelled it in his sweet letter to the tooth fairy a “toth”.  Before bed, he wrote her a letter, as has become the custom

in this home.  She usually writes back in this super cute “curly-q” handwriting (thank u very  much!), leaves lots of sparkly powder everywhere and is known to give recommendations such as “get a long with your sister” and “pick up your shit for Godsakes… your mother is tired”.  Sometimes if she has had too much wine she has forgotten to leave anything at all, but that only happened one time when my daughter came running to us in the a.m. upset that her tooth was still there and the fairy left her nothing. Nada.  Mea culpa, okay?  My hubby glared at me and I was sort of busted.  I think my daughter knew that I was the fairy anyway, and she wanted me to be busted too, but that’s another story.  At this point she is old enough to be in on the conspiracy but pretends she because she wants the 5 bucks (Inflation is a bitch — it was a quarter when I was young).

Anyway, my boy wrote the cutest note ever this time asking the fairy a myriad of interesting and hard to answer inquires:

Amongst my favorites: “how many fairies are there?”  And “here is a photo of me” (he left her a baseball card with his picture on it) “can you please leave me a picture of you”.

Hence my search for this very cool website where you can insert the fairy of your choice — I picked a blond version who is kind of sexy (not that I needed to be sexy for this job) but if I can have an avatar who is hot, why not?  She sort of has an “I Dream of Jeannie” thing going (are you old enough for that reference?)

Anyway — I was hoping none of you would bust me on this confession.  Maybe I have to revise my post in that right now my son may be my only loyal subscriber — speaking of – if this made you smile….click subscribe below….I will leave you fairy dust and some cash.

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