potions, lotions, perfumes, notions

What is it about buying makeup or perfume that is so addictive to me? It’s the fantasy that I will suddenly exit said store and be simply transformed and gorgeous. It’s seductive. The whole thing. I noticed it today upon entry to Neiman Marcus. There are almost stage lights in there.  There is the buzz […]


I want to disucss this phenomenon which entered my life today. It’s name is Tyrone. It sounds like cyclone and tornado missed together.  For a reason. Some fit moms….(hereinafter “skinny moms”) were raving about their hard core trainer.  He comes to you – no gym membership. Brings all the equipment.  He is 40 dollars an […]


chemistry is my thing: I am not  a “real” cook — that is, from scratch. But boy I can mix it up. I always said I am a chemist…not a cook. my mom worked for Merck and wrote one of their original indexes…chemistry is in the blood. so…. recipes will appear here. everyone asks…but don’t […]

Cup of Joe. Square of chocolate

The converse of the finger is of course…. The cup of Joe and the square of chocolate. If u are reading me….let me say all things relate back to food and drink for me. I think historically I associate life with imbibing and eating. Let me discuss coffee for a moment. Yes, I digress: I […]

Give me the “finger”…..

It’s that time of day. Finally. Everyone is asleep. Quiet. Dark. I should sleep. But I won’t. I’m going to cheat time. I’ll pay for it tomorrow. But I don’t ever get this complete selfish “me” time….. I will watch an episode of “Mad Men” or escape into one of many good books on my […]