The Magic Pants -Je T’aime Moi Non Plus

Hello blog friends….today I am going to send out a quick shout and let you in on one of my many secrets.  The most obvious one is the edit button on the apple iphoto where I delete all my wrinkles and double chins to make people on facebook think I have not aged.  Here is another one….the magic pants…..

What music would be suitable for such a post. Hum….something sexy to get you in the mood? To workout in style? (No…but  like this song and want to share it with you. Enjoy.)

My secret is these pants.  Whenever, and I mean WHENEVER I wear them people stop me to ask how I have lost so much weight.  I haven’t dropped a pound.  But these are truly the magic pants.  Not that Lululemon needs my plug or anything but here it goes. Go forth friends and buy this pant.  It has a small zipper on the back.  I think its the run crop pant. Go buy and fake your weight loss along with me.

And I wonder, speaking of “faking it” — in this song, Serge and Jane were rumored to be doing it for real. What do you think?  I say — if you listen to this, no wonder they named a bag after her.  She sounds hot.  Check out the translation of the lyrics of this song….”reims” in french literally means “loins”. From Wikipedia:

“The title was inspired by a Salvador Dali comment: “Picasso is Spanish, me too. Picasso is a genius, me too. Picasso is a communist, me neither”.[8][9] Gainsbourg claimed it was an “anti-fuck” song about the desperation and impossibility of physical love.[3] The lyrics are written as a dialogue between two lovers during sex. Phrases include:

“Je vais et je viens, entre tes reins” (“I go and I come, in between your loins”)
“Tu es la vague, moi l’île nue” (“You are the wave, I the naked island”)
“L’amour physique est sans issue” (“Physical love goes nowhere”)

“Moi non plus” (“Me neither”) as a response to “Je t’aime” is a joke some English-speaking listeners did not understand. It is often translated as “I love you – me not anymore”, for instance in The Pet Shop Boys’ version”.

And this song makes my pant magic….

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